What kinds of summer camp activities can a kid do at Camp Mishawaka?

What CAN’T you do? We like to boast about our 30 different summer camp activities! Being on Lake Pokegama offers a whole gamut of water activities as well!! From horseback riding, to tennis, to gymnastics, as a camper at camp Mishawaka, you’ll never run short of fun activities while you’re at our summer camp.

We have 2 newspapers that we publish throughout the summer. Why not sharpen your sleuthing, photography and writing skills, and sign up to help with the publishing of The Totem or The Teepee?

We also offer pottery and have a wood shop. Make your parents a gift to thank them for letting you come to camp. Or just make yourself a momento to remind yourself of all the fun activities you did while at summer camp.

And don’t forget about the lake!

We have a large fleet of all kinds of boating activities at summer camp, making it easy to enjoy all that expansive Lake Pokegama has to offer. Sailboats, kayaks, and canoes are just a few. We even have a boat just for waterskiing. But don’t worry if you’ve never water skied before, or are feeling a little rusty from not doing it all winter. We have wonderful instructors for that as well. From beginners to advanced, we’ll get your waterskiing skills honed up in no time! We have other boats available to troll around the lake and don’t forget about swimming! No summer camp would be complete without swimming. On colder days, warm up in our sauna, and jump in the lake like a true Finlander!

We also have “special day” activities for kids at Camp Mishawaka. We get a little creative throughout the summer to make fun activities for kids at summer camp. Watch out for spontaneous nerd night and other fun dress up activities that make Camp Mishawaka all the more fun and special.

Parents, what kinds of activities will your kids be doing at summer camp at Camp Mishawaka?

No matter what it is, you can rest assured that your kid will definitely be having fun!

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