Land Activities



Our outdoor range includes top-notch equipment, instruction, and the opportunity to progress with Camp Mishawaka Archery levels.


A full-size soccer pitch nestled in a pine plantation is one of the most striking physical features of the camp. Qualified instructors oversee play within the camp as well as matches with other camps.


Western riding lessons are provided by excellent instructors. Classes are small and offer ring work and trail rides.


Take part in the “Big Show,” which is produced each four-week session, or ham it up at one of the weekly skit nights.

Air Riflery

Hone your marksmanship shooting for score and advancements with our .177-caliber target air rifles.

Nature Study

Explore the wonders of plant and animal life with our resident naturalist.

Climbing Wall

Climb 35 feet in the air on our four-sided climbing wall. The wall is located in our pine forest, near the soccer field.

Arts and Crafts

Take part in traditional camp crafts or explore your artistic side with ceramics or pottery. You can also build model rockets or work in our wood shop.

Traditional Land Sports

Mishawaka also provides instruction and play in baseball, basketball, and other team sports.

This highlights just a few of the options of land activities available at Camp Mishawaka. We are always adding new facilities and programs, and there are quite a few “Mishawaka Only” games that were invented at camp. We can’t list every activity that campers might take part it in during the summer, but here is a list of a few more popular options.

  • Gymnastics
  • Floor Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Newspaper (The Totem and The Teepee)
  • Conditioning
  • Campcraft
  • Tripping
  • Pottery
  • And lots more…