Wilderness Trips


Camp Mishawaka has a long history of incorporating wilderness tripping as a part of its overall program. Situated at the gateway of some of the most beautiful and pristine wilderness areas in the Northern Lakes country, we are able to provide canoeing, hiking and other experiences that are truly remarkable. In addition to passing along basic wilderness skills these trips, by design, give campers an opportunity to work as a team toward shared goals, challenge themselves in new ways and discover new strengths.

Placement is determined on interest and skill. Campers need not have any specialized knowledge before coming to camp.

These trips include:

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

One million acres of wilderness in the Superior National Forest. This world-renowned canoeing wilderness is located just two hours north of Mishawaka. Campers will canoe from one lake to the next, portaging their canoes and packs across a “portage” trail. Five to seven campers will join two tripping counselors and enjoy paddling, portaging, swimming, and fishing. Generally available for 4, 6 and 8 week campers.

Isle Royale National Park

Located in the northwest of Lake Superior, Isle Royale is the largest natural island in Lake Superior. 20 miles removed from the closest port, Isle Royale offers breathtaking views of Lake Superior and a pristine hiking experience for campers. After a three-hour ferry ride to the Island from Grand Portage, Minnesota, campers hike for five days and four nights in a loop on the island’s western end. Along the way campers may see moose, fox, and other animals native to the island. This is an excellent hiking trip for older campers and intermediate to experienced hikers. Generally available for 4, 6 and 8 week campers.

Superior Hiking Trail

Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, this trail is a 310 mile hiking path that stretches from Duluth to the Canadian border. With most of its trail within a mile of the Lake, campers encounter many incredible views of Lake Superior. The trails are well-maintained with campsites available every few miles. This trip is an excellent introduction to hiking, as well as a first camping trip. Generally available for 4, 6 and 8 week campers.

Whitewater Rafting

A full day adventure on the St. Louis River. We contract with Minnesota Whitewater, a local rafting company. Campers, grouped with Mishawaka staff and professional guides take in six rapids from class I to III.

Launch Fishing

Campers make the trip to nearby Lake Winnie, one of the greatest fisheries in northern Minnesota, in pursuit of Walleye, Perch and Northern Pike. We engage the services of a professionally guided launch for this adventure. Campers learn to bait hooks, remove fish from hook and clean and cook their catch.