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Mishawaka, Mishawaka is the best old camp for me!

In less than three weeks, my two children will be "leaving on a jet plane" for Camp Mishawaka. Twenty-nine years ago, my brothers and I said goodbye to our parents and boarded a plane to Minnesota. I remember my dad telling us how great summer camp was going to be, but [...]


On the road again…

Hello from Tulsa! One of the great things about Mishawaka is the people you meet from around the US and the world. I’m on my way to Camp for the summer and my friend, former Mishawaka camper, counselor, and Mishawaka Foundation Board member, Kevin McNamara, has opened his doors to me [...]


Packing 101

I made a quick trip to the North Woods this week. It was maybe in an attempt to pre-empt the mass migration that's about to happen from all corners of the country, and acclimate to the camp climate. I found myself disappointingly out of breath from my treks across camp. (In [...]


April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

Are you tired of the weather updates from Northern Minnesota yet? Because we're not! Last weekend during our Spring administrative meeting in Minneapolis, I was biking around the lakes, wearing short sleeves and sunglasses. I even busted out a pair of shorts! Reports suggest weather in the North Woods wasn't much [...]


Sounds of Spring

Shaken out of my trance A Familiar Sound!I recently heard the chirp of a smoke detector as I walked down the hallway of my apartment building. As is the magic of sense memory, I was immediately transported to a familiar springtime walk through the camp grounds, brown leaves crunching beneath my [...]


Kids Say the Darndest Things

In the process of winterizing cabins last fall, I stumbled upon a treasure-trove of kid wisdom and humor. Greta, our Girls Program Director and year-round Associate Director, had captured some of what comes out of campers mouths during the summer, written it down on post-it notes and adorned the wall in [...]


Seasonal Shifts

I recently returned to Tucson after a two week work visit at Camp. Winter at Mishawaka is stunning—a white blanket of snow covers everything and you can see the lake from the office. Once spring comes around, most of the snow is gone and the lake shows signs that it will [...]



The Internet went out. Plug, unplug. Wait. Nothing. Repeat. I probably did these at least four times before recognizing I should expand my troubleshooting and call the dreaded automated help line. Yes, I am experiencing technical issues, thank you. "Sorry, we're experiencing network outages in your area. We hope to have [...]


Camp is Home

This “Camp is Home” sign (pictured right) arrived this week as a gift from a former camper and current Camp parent. She found it in a gift store over the holidays and decided, “I had to get it for Mishawaka.” The truth is and we all know, save for a few, [...]


But You Gotta Know the Territory

We enjoyed a visit from long-time Mishawakans Dan Beuthling and Kelley Ryan this week. After 20 years with Camp, they recently moved to British Colombia as owners and operators of Lagoon Cove Marina—a picturesque way station along the Inside Passage to Alaska. They are thriving in the their new roles there, [...]