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Human Nature

Last week I was lucky to attend the American Camping Association's National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While I, admittedly, spent some quality time just sitting in direct sunlight, trying to regain my normal human powers after a long, but mild, Minnesota winter, I also managed to learn a lot about [...]


Too Young For Camp?

Parents often ask me what age is good for a child to begin attending sleep away camp. Just as there is no one type of camper, there is no one answer to this question, but over the course of many years, I’ve seen a pattern in camper success related to age, [...]


Arizona Sun

"Well, I'm a-goin' out west where I belong..." I'll never be able to explain why I know this song so well, as someone born in 1989, but it's in there, buried deep in my memory, and has been since childhood. Admittedly, it's not entirely appropriate this week as we [...]



Three months of my life are filled with the chaos of camp. It’s the good kind of chaos--the kind you find at a family holiday party when you’re simultaneously trying to greet seven people at once and make sure the pigs-in-a-blanket don’t burn in the oven. At camp, I’m surrounded by [...]


Appropriate Risk

Every year at this time, Minnesota news is full of stories of people (and cars) falling through thin ice. Most are in search of fish, but all share a common trait—what Garrison Keillor once referred to as “young men destined for leadership roles never to be fulfilled.” Each time this happens, [...]


Mishawaka Song Book Revamp

Of all the conversations I have had with girls campers each summer, the funniest and most endearing are those that have started mid-song at the Girls Camp boat house, usually with the Girls Camp staff looking at each other quizzically. One particular instance in 2016, we were intently listening to the [...]


108 Years, Give or Take

Last Wednesday, the Chicago Cubs finally won the world series. As someone born in Cleveland, but raised in Chicago, I had a tough start to the series. My dad, and his entire family are Cleveland natives, while my mom grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I spent my formative years [...]


Camp Mishawaka is a gift, not a gif

Greetings from Mishawaka, I follow a number of our peer camps in WI and MN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - in part to keep informed of how and what they are doing and to learn more about how people in our industry are using social media to get the word [...]


What Lies Beneath

Laying the foundation for the Apache cabin (we think). We spent the better part of Thursday cutting a slice in the earth through Camp. We were burying some overhead power lines, and while we were at it, laid in some fiber optic cable to bring web access to the Hi-View Staff [...]


Time Lapse

Last fall, we set up a camera inside the Apache Cabin and set it to take pictures of main campus twice a day. Below is a video of those pictures stitched together. It's 9 months compressed into 30 seconds. Winter is long in northern Minnesota, but this video makes it seem [...]