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Re-entering the Digital World

Last Saturday I had the unique opportunity to hand 45 teens and pre-teens their phones after a (mostly) self-imposed break. I usually wait until right before they are scheduled to fly- in order to preserve the camp bubble for as long as possible, but the bus had arrived early, and we [...]


The Man on the Moon and the Child at Camp

The Man on the Moon I found myself on the roof of Larsen Lodge last night- replacing one of the wifi signal boosters that run through Camp so we can access our camp management software. No- campers do not have access to this 😊! The booster is attached to an old [...]


Getting with the Program- Choice, Agency and Independence

Notes on Girls Camp Programming- from Elisa Gutierrez During the school year, students wake up, go to school, go to after school activities and sports, come home to do homework, eat dinner, and go to bed. The weekends, too, have become dictated by clubs and sport requirements. What has fallen to [...]


The Value of a Wilderness Trip- a view from Mary Jane

  The Value of a Wilderness Trip I recently drove a Boundary Waters canoe trip up to Snowbank Lake, just outside of Ely, Minnesota, not realizing I was taking my own mental journey. The minute I stepped out of the van and walked to the water’s edge, I felt myself return [...]


Get With the Program- The Variety a Day at Camp Brings!

Camp Mishawaka- the place- is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Minnesota on a gorgeous lake with sprawling acreage of and wooded areas. This location allows us to offer such a variety of activity on both land and water and as the Boys Camp Program Director, I get to explore every [...]


Camp Food- A Flavorful Experience

Camp food- the very phrase conjures up images of franks and bean, mystery meat and any number of other culinary aberrations.  There was a time, to be sure, that camps, and Camp Mishawaka lived up to the stereotype, but the truth is we all eat differently now than we used to. [...]


The Boys Tap Out

Rituals, Old and New Tap Out is a long-standing tradition at Camp Mishawaka. Since the early days of Camp, campers have been chosen on their respective teams for friendly competition. Tap Out is when each team’s leaders, the Counselors in Training (CITs), run around a half-circle on main campus and choose [...]


The Ceremony of Tap Out

The Ceremony of Tap Out After a sudden burst of rain in the afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds just in time to dry the grass for the evening’s activity, Tap Out. For those new to Camp Mishawaka lingo, Tap Out is the name of the “ritual” for selecting camp [...]


The Journey to Camp

The Journey to Camp Last evening, we had a little “Banquet” to mark the close of our staff training week. The wheels are in motion today for final arrangements, finishing touches and soon the travel crew will head of to Minneapolis to be ready to greet campers as they arrive tomorrow. [...]