10 Questions to Ask a Camp Director- Any Camp Director!

//10 Questions to Ask a Camp Director- Any Camp Director!

10 Questions to Ask a Camp Director- Any Camp Director!

Top 10 Questions to ask any Camp Director

Whether you are considering Camp Mishawaka or another camp, we firmly believe that there is a camp out there for everyone, and that a camp experience offers tremendous opportunities for growth and discovery. Each camp has its own unique culture, history and program and we would love to talk with your more about ours at Camp Mishawaka.

We also wanted to provide some important questions that you might want to consider asking any camp director as you refine your search. Have a great summer and call us at 218-326-5011 or email us at info@campmishawaka.com to ask us these, and other, questions!

Steve Purdum
Director and Owner


  1. How long have you directed the camp and what other experience have you had working with children?


  1. How do you handle homesickness or missing home?


  1. Is there a Doctor and/or nurse on site at all times? How close is the nearest hospital?


  1. Where do most of the campers come from?


  1. What is the age and experience requirements for the counselors?


  1. How much choice is there in each camper’s schedule?


  1. What is the level of competition?


  1. What can you tell me about the housing and bathing areas?


  1. What additional charges are there?


  1. What are the circumstances that would prompt a call or contact from the camp?

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