5 Sections

//5 Sections

5 Sections

5 Sections

It wasn’t much, but I put in 5 sections of dock last weekend on a gray but calm Pokegama day. That leaves 28 more to complete the “iconic” Mulford Pier at the center of the Mishawaka waterfront. I have ceded the remainder to those a bit younger and with better backs, but the sense of accomplishment I got from my small contribution will last a while.


Like any endeavor, the first step is always the hardest.

The frost had pushed out the marker for where to start the dock and I stewed a bit before setting the first section- consulting past dock builders from a number of years back. It’s important to start in the right place so the dock finishes in the right place. I was surprised at my own indecision, but eventually I pounded the marker in and set off. In the end, the dock has ended up just where it should be- or close enough so as not to cause a problem or make people wonder if the lake has shifted.

It got me thinking about the first step in coming to Camp.

It can be a moment of indecision, worry or fear. But so often that vanishes upon arrival at Mishawaka because of the people, the community and the culture that gets created every summer. The docks have always been a source of great concern. Are they straight? Are they stable? Are they safe? But I suspect that this has always been an indication of the care we take to make sure the platforms we build for kids to stand on are secure.

I hope to get down and build a few more, but if I don’t I know that I will have lots of opportunity to use it this summer, right along with the campers who will take their first dip, sail their first boat or just sit and watch the sun set over the western shore.

23 days lefts till kids come!





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