Get With the Program- The Variety a Day at Camp Brings!

//Get With the Program- The Variety a Day at Camp Brings!

Get With the Program- The Variety a Day at Camp Brings!

Camp Mishawaka- the place- is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Minnesota on a gorgeous lake with sprawling acreage of and wooded areas. This location allows us to offer such a variety of activity on both land and water and as the Boys Camp Program Director, I get to explore every option. We have battled some weather challenges but it has not kept us from running a full program. The creativity and energy of our counselling staff might not make my job “easy”, but it does make it a whole lot more enjoyable and fulfilling.


Morning activities occur on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday basis with co-ed activities each Sunday morning. Some campers select to perfect their riflery skills three times a week in their morning schedule and others would rather spend the mornings waterskiing or wakeboarding on the lake. Every afternoon, no matter the weather, new options show up on the sign-up board to be chosen on a daily basis. I was happy to see that when we had a rainy afternoon, the campers were just as excited to participate in some indoor activities like woodshop, circuit training or to write an article in The Totem (Mishawaka’s Greatest Newspaper) as they are for a sunny afternoon on the lake.


I have always enjoyed Camp Mishawaka’s longstanding tradition of a big team competition that occurs on an annual basis. This year, the Snolligosters have been competing against the SplinterCats in various competitions both during the afternoon and evening time. It is refreshing to watch friendly competition amongst the campers in events as diverse as slow-pitch softball and chess. A few evenings ago, there was an exciting and interactive game of broomball in the covered pavilion. I could feel the electricity pulsing off the crowd under the pavilion as the Belding campers competed in a tight match while the rest of Boys Camp cheered them on.


   I am personally most frequently found at Mulford pier amongst the sailors and the sailboats. The start of the camp year has been fantastic with the sailing program. The breeze has been fairly consistent coming out of the west, and the sailors have been mastering technique and skill on the water. The fleet this year if highly impressive with four Barnetts, four Catalinas, four J-Scows, one C-Scow, one E-scow, one A-Scow and two 420s rigged and sailing.


Running our program requires a lot of equipment (props, boats, balls, bats and bishops) but as I have come to learn, the most important element is the staff leader and I am happy to work with a such a talented, enthusiastic group of counselors!  I am looking forward to the crescendo of activities this coming week as we bring the first half session to close.


Quentin Andersen

Boys Camp Program Director


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