Mishawaka Song Book Revamp

//Mishawaka Song Book Revamp

Mishawaka Song Book Revamp

scanOf all the conversations I have had with girls campers each summer, the funniest and most endearing are those that have started mid-song at the Girls Camp boat house, usually with the Girls Camp staff looking at each other quizzically. One particular instance in 2016, we were intently listening to the CITs lead another rambling rendition of “Green Grow the Rushes” when we had no choice to stop them.

“Girls, hold on a second. Can you say that line again?”

“Three, three the rifles…”

“Ah, okay. Try RIVALS this time.”

They carried on, but not for long, because upon hearing the next verse, we needed to stop again. “It’s lily-white boys, not little white boys.”

To be fair, the girls at Camp Mishawaka sing constantly, and rarely with the aid of song books, so learning lyrics to our collection of songs happens on the fly, listening intently to your neighbor whom, you assume, knows all the right words. If I’m being honest, this happens to me on the regular, and probably to you, too. Years ago, on the way to or from buying a family Christmas tree, I distinctly remember having a conversation with my sisters about The Spinner’s “Could It Be I’m Falling In Love?” as it played on the radio. “Is he saying falling on rugs?” “I mean, it kind of sounds like it…” My parents erupted from the front seat, “IN LOVE!” And we all dissolved laughing.

That being said, it’s time we update our Mishawaka song books. We add new songs to our repertoire each summer, and some of the new favorites are starting to feel really left out. But we need your help to come up with a comprehensive collection of Mishawaka originals and classic campfire favorites. Here I’m listing the current Table of Contents for your review. Please let us know if we’re missing any of your old favorites!

And if you’re interested in receiving a copy of the new edition in the mail, please let us know!
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