Time Lapse

//Time Lapse

Time Lapse

Last fall, we set up a camera inside the Apache Cabin and set it to take pictures of main campus twice a day. Below is a video of those pictures stitched together. It’s 9 months compressed into 30 seconds.

Winter is long in northern Minnesota, but this video makes it seem even longer. You’ll notice there aren’t any pictures from the summer – the Apache is a hive of activity during camp and a camera on a tripod would not survive. The lack of summer in the video means winter takes the main stage. The past winter was quite mild and spring came fairly early. You can see pink ribbon tied at one foot increments around the tetherball pole in the video. Alas, we didn’t even surpass a foot of snow on the ground!

We’ve set the camera back up and you can see daily pictures on the picture of the day page. Leaves have started to change and fall is in the air at Mishawaka. We’ll keep you up to date on the changing seasons and you can see if we get more snow than last winter.


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