What Lies Beneath

//What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

Laying the foundation for the Apache cabin (we think).

We spent the better part of Thursday cutting a slice in the earth through Camp. We were burying some overhead power lines, and while we were at it, laid in some fiber optic cable to bring web access to the Hi-View Staff Cabins. Along the way, we found a maze of abandoned water lines, some active ones, regular phone cables; lots of old concrete blocks that were once part of a foundation and some huge rocks. It seemed odd – to be burying this ultra-modern glass optic cable right down there with the old-stuff, layers of camp history, gravel, sand and clay, but the truth is much of what we do to program and track Camp activities is stored on a web-based program. (Don’t worry, campers still go device and internet free!)

Sometimes things get buried at Camp to hide them – old blocks, or even buildings. Sometimes what gets buried at Camp is to make the summer better for all – water service, electricity or sewer systems. Whatever the case, these layers of history are from all who have passed through here. I remember when we moved some cabins in the 1980’s and discovered old newspapers from the WW II era, old pop bottles and even letters to and from home. For all the talk about leave no trace, it is true that Campers and Staff do leave something behind, and this legacy is what makes Mishawaka such a special place for so many.

Each camper gets a chance to make an imprint at Camp. And, hopefully, Camp is able to make an imprint on them. Not unlike the variety of soils and history we cut through, Camp is a layering process – every day a chance for a new adventure, and it’s a cumulative effect. The end result can be profound, and provide us with depth of experience that make us who we are. I was reminded of this not long ago when a friend shared a quote from Sigurd Olson with me. The great MN naturalist and author wrote:

What a man finally becomes, how he adjusts himself to his world is a composite of all the horizons he has endured. For they have marked him and left indelible imprints on his attitude and convictions and given his life direction.

Thanks for leaving your imprint on the legacy of Mishawaka, we are better today for it, and, as always, hope that you, too, are better today because of it.

Remember that you can follow us this summer, even if you can’t be here. Be sure to check in on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – if that’s your thing! Also, you can update your contact information on our CampInTouch page.

Have a great summer!

Steve Purdum
Owner and Director


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