Daily Schedule

Typical Daily Schedule

The program for each camp strives to maintain a balance between the comfort and assurance that routine provides, and the fun and excitement that spontaneity brings to each day. Campers choose their own activities and may wish to concentrate their efforts in two or three areas, or sample a wide variety.

8:00              Morning Bell/Reveille
2:30              First Afternoon Period
8:30              Breakfast
3:45              Snack Time
9:15              Cabin clean up
4:00           Second Afternoon Period
9:45           First Morning Period
5:15           Free Swim
10:45           Second Morning Period
6:30           Dinner
11:45           Free Swim
7:30           Evening Activity
12:30     Sign Up
9:15      Lights Out Belding and Parkside
1:00     Lunch
9:30      Lights Out Mulford
1:45     Rest Period
9:45      Lights Out Gould and Valley