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Our two girls love Mishawaka….one of them would live there full time I am sure. All the active outdoor opportunities are wonderful.


Cabin Life

The cabin group is at the center of a Camp Mishawaka experience and each child is part of a group of 5 to 7 like-age cabinmates. Cabin counselors oversee the residential life of the cabin group, guide activity choice and monitor health and well being of every camper.

In recent years campers have come from over 25 states and 8 countries. Campers meet new friends from all over and share in the experience.

Each Camp is divided into three smaller Camps by age and grade. For the Girls Camp it is Parkside (8-11), Lakeside (12) and Valley (13-15). For the Boys Camp it is Belding (8-11), Mulford (12-13) and Gould (14-15). Each Camp also has a group of Counselors-in-Training who are veteran 16 year-old campers who take on a leadership role within the Camp community and assist with program activities.

There is a variety of housing at Camp Mishawaka and younger campers (8 -11) stay in larger lodge-type cabins with a counselor in each cabin. Older campers typically stay in smaller cabins with 3-4 other campers and combine with an adjacent cabin to form a cabin group. Camp lodging is simple, yet comfortable and campers use adjacent shower and bath facilities. In the case of the younger girls (8-11) they also have in-cabin shower and bathrooms.