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2018 Session Descriptions


Two-Week Sessions:

June 17th – June 30th | July 15th – July 28th | July 29th – August 11th
The 2018 two-week sessions will offer all programs and activities that have been included in previous two-week sessions, and more. These sessions will include the traditions of the Tribes, Tap-Out, Day-Trips, Overnights and regular daily activity schedules. Each session will culminate with a full day of events and festivities, including Tribal Games and mini-Sabotage, an awards campfire and presentation of the shields and feathers.

The two-week sessions are for new campers and veteran campers alike.

Four-Week Sessions:

June 17th – July 14th | July 15th – August 11th
The quintessential Camp Mishawaka experience, the traditional Four-Week session includes all the elements of the Tribal Competition (Tap-Out, games, swim and track meets and Sabotage). For campers 12 and older, extended wilderness trips will be available. For younger campers, a variety of shorter excursions will be included as part of the session.

Six Week Sessions:

June 17th – July 28th | July 1 – August 11th
By combining a Two and Four-Week Session, campers will have even more opportunities to explore new activities, deepen skills and friendships and soak up all that Mishawaka has to offer. Extended trips will be available for both Six-Week sessions.

Eight-Week Session:

June 17th – August 11th
When nothing less than a full summer at Camp Mishawaka will do!

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