Quotes from Parents, Campers and Alumni


I’ve used the sentence “I learned that at camp” at least once a month for the past 20 years. Where else can a girl learn to shoot a rifle, ride a horse, portage a canoe and play the lead in a play?

-Parent and Former Camper

I am amazed at how much my son loves Mishawaka. Things that he would never do at home, he loves to do at camp.

-Parent of 13-year-old camper

Yes, my son had a terrific time and wants to go for 4 weeks next year. This is his second year, and he thrives at Mishawaka. He comes home so much more mature and self confident. What a great experience for him!

-Parent of 11-year-old camper

I gained self-confidence, made life-long friendships with people I would have never met otherwise, tried new things, mastered skills, developed quality character traits that were put to the test daily living with people much different than myself.


It was good to be away from all the electronics at home and just enjoy the people and nature.

-Girls Camp camper in 2011

My husband and I were impressed with the number of activities available.

-Parent of 9-year-old camper

He had a fantastic two weeks…he loved the outdoors, the exposure to new activities that we don’t have in Chicago, meeting friends from all over the world and being a part of a bigger whole.

-Parent of 10-year-old camper

His counselor was great. My son really respected him and liked hearing about his own experiences as a camper before he became a counselor.

-Parent of 14-year-old camper

I really like all the things I get to do and all the friends I make. Everyone is just nice!

-12-year-old Girls Camp camper camper

I knew it was a good investment the moment he started setting the table before dinner without being asked. He called it “service committee.” He even kept his room clean (for about a month).

-Parent of a 15-year-old-camper

We really questioned the need to send her to a camp because I stay at home and she didn’t know anyone there. But she came back more confident and begging to stay longer next summer. She also discovered a love for sailing. Thank You!

-Parent of a 13-year-old-camper