The Vocabulary of Camp

I Wonder if Should Ask him to Play. Years ago, when I first saw the above cartoon, I cut it out and put in on my office door. For me, as a Director of a boys and girls camp, I often saw this dynamic play out each summer. It reflected, with [...]


Birches Despite the fact that our local weather folks had been warning us for days, I was surprised to wake up and find the ground covered in snow- the heavy, wet kind that breaks limbs and bends trees. It’s too early to plow (the ground is not yet frozen) and too [...]

Absent Campers…..

Note: This poem was written by a former camper for an English class assignment. She shared it on Facebook and though we were not a in position to "grade" it, it get's an A in our book and we share it here with sincere thanks and appreciation for all the campers [...]

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Our Core Stories  A few weeks ago I took part in “Camp Director’s Camp”- a gathering of 35 camp directors from the US and Canada- in beautiful Cape Cod, MA. The weekend was designed to re-create the camper experience for us directors by having us sleep in rustic cabins, turn off [...]

This was goodnight and not goodbye

“This Was Goodnight and Not Goodbye” By Kelly Mason Lichter   For those of you who read my first blog  and wanted to hear my thoughts post-camp, I decided to share my personal experience as a parent and former camper.  I still don’t feel like I am old enough to send [...]