This was goodnight and not goodbye

“This Was Goodnight and Not Goodbye” By Kelly Mason Lichter   For those of you who read my first blog  and wanted to hear my thoughts post-camp, I decided to share my personal experience as a parent and former camper.  I still don’t feel like I am old enough to send [...]

When Did Simple Get so Complicated?

When Did Simple Get so Complicated Years ago, the gentleman who teaches our staff First-Aid commented about what a wonderful illusion of a wilderness area we have here at Camp Mishawaka. He had driven in the green canopy of sheltering birches, past the stables, by the office and into the refuge [...]

Mishawaka, Mishawaka is the best old camp for me!

In less than three weeks, my two children will be "leaving on a jet plane" for Camp Mishawaka. Twenty-nine years ago, my brothers and I said goodbye to our parents and boarded a plane to Minnesota. I remember my dad telling us how great summer camp was going to be, but [...]

On the road again…

Hello from Tulsa! One of the great things about Mishawaka is the people you meet from around the US and the world. I’m on my way to Camp for the summer and my friend, former Mishawaka camper, counselor, and Mishawaka Foundation Board member, Kevin McNamara, has opened his doors to me [...]

5 Sections

5 Sections It wasn’t much, but I put in 5 sections of dock last weekend on a gray but calm Pokegama day. That leaves 28 more to complete the “iconic” Mulford Pier at the center of the Mishawaka waterfront. I have ceded the remainder to those a bit younger and with [...]

Packing 101

I made a quick trip to the North Woods this week. It was maybe in an attempt to pre-empt the mass migration that's about to happen from all corners of the country, and acclimate to the camp climate. I found myself disappointingly out of breath from my treks across camp. (In [...]

My Camp Trips

My Camp Trips by Charlie Paige, Boys Camp Director I will soon head off to Yosemite National Park for a week long camping trip before hitting the road to Camp for the summer. Last fall I visited Yosemite for the first time and afterwards pledged to visit it every year. This [...]

Celebration of a Good Life

Celebrating a Good Life It’s been 46 years since his death, but the work of longtime Camp Mishawaka counselor, David Slocum (Sloc) still resonates today. I never met Sloc, but have spent many hours around the memorial that overlooks Lake Pokegama built in his honor.  Etched on the plaque, at the [...]

April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

Are you tired of the weather updates from Northern Minnesota yet? Because we're not! Last weekend during our Spring administrative meeting in Minneapolis, I was biking around the lakes, wearing short sleeves and sunglasses. I even busted out a pair of shorts! Reports suggest weather in the North Woods wasn't much [...]

Through Thick and Thin

I learned today that the phrase “through thick and thin” is one of the older expressions in the English language. Maybe it’s because people have always looked for a way to define struggles, as well as good times. I’ve used the phrase plenty, but have never thought about an institution--like camp--being [...]