The Art and Science of the Cabin Group

I missed the closing speaker at a recent camping conference - in part because the rumor was that it was going to be very participatory and I was feeling less than excited about that, and in part because if I did attend, I would be pushing it to make my flight. [...]

Green Time Not Screen Time

I can’t imagine the founders of Camp Mishawaka - way back in 1910 - could have imagined that 110 years later one of the profound benefits of a Camp experience would be providing children a break from their handheld computers! Or maybe they could? The summer camping movement arose in response [...]

The Commodity of Friendship

The Commodity of Friendship Friendship- the of show up at door, call or message out of the blue, and pick up where you left off kind of friendship-has always been a rare commodity. If we are lucky enough to have one or two of those friendships, we treasure them, tend them [...]

Camp Traditions- Old and New

Camp Traditions- Old and New I was a Navajo, Chippewa and a Mohawk. Later, in 1982, I become an Apache- the tribe for Counselors.  For as long as anyone can remember, campers at Mishawaka were divided into tribes for the summer. (Though it is worth noting that this was not a [...]

CP and Turk Ride Again

Recently I had lunch with former Mishawaka camper and counselor, Greg Turk. Greg was a camper in the 80’s and directed Camp’s horseback riding program for several years. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it was great to catch up. Most of our conversation was about Mishawaka and [...]

Form Follows Function

I never actually knew that it was the famous architect Louis Sullivan who is credited with coining this phrase (the actual phrase he wrote is, ‘form ever follows function’) until I looked it up. It turns out he got his inspiration for his words from the Roman architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio [...]

Now Boarding Zone 1

Now Boarding Zone One- The unseen value of a Traditional Camp Experience My daughter and I were flying to Chicago out of Minneapolis recently and I was reminded (again) just how stratified our daily lives have become. It starts from the beginning of the travel process and continues throughout the journey. [...]

The Vocabulary of Camp

I Wonder if Should Ask him to Play. Years ago, when I first saw the above cartoon, I cut it out and put in on my office door. For me, as a Director of a boys and girls camp, I often saw this dynamic play out each summer. It reflected, with [...]


Birches Despite the fact that our local weather folks had been warning us for days, I was surprised to wake up and find the ground covered in snow- the heavy, wet kind that breaks limbs and bends trees. It’s too early to plow (the ground is not yet frozen) and too [...]