Absent Campers…..

//Absent Campers…..

Absent Campers…..

Note: This poem was written by a former camper for an English class assignment. She shared it on Facebook and though we were not a in position to “grade” it, it get’s an A in our book and we share it here with sincere thanks and appreciation for all the campers that contribute to making this place what it is.


Absent campers from September to May at Mishawaka
beckon for the seasons to sweep through/
Connecticut warblers sing their tunes while
dirty cabins are cleaned and the beautiful glass like surface of Pokegama succumbs to the frost   IMG_20170818_105542182

Every camper misses
friendship tied tightly in friendship bracelets and moments of 
great sadness are wisped away in
hopes of returning the next summer/

It’s important to take leisure strolls in the wake of the morning dew to remind you of time and sky- reaching white birch bark trees lining the tree farm/
jump in the lake to earn your polar bear badge/
kick a ball and dance while singing your teenage heart out because 
life isn’t always fair and tomorrow isn’t always promised

Mishawaka is our home/ from which we’ll 
never roam/ camp of togetherness/ a place of happiness but also a place of youth, friendship,
opening up and creating new memories, and fulfilling the
promises of yesterday you may never get to promise again

Quietness fills the air as you remember the awful
ringing of the morning bell in the park 
screaming “Flag raising, flag raising! Get your laundry!”

There will never be anything like a Mishawaka Sunday
unless there are oversized cinnamon rolls and bacon with
various campers and counselors, especially the boys, searching, bribing, and
wanting more

eXtreme longing for damp towels and bathing suits after you forget to take them in will haunt you as you are in your hometown, near or far from Mishawaka with none of the people, songs, memories, or meals forcing your senses to
zing with happiness and anticipation for the next summer and first night spaghetti



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