April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

//April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

April (Snow) Showers Bring May Flowers?

IMG_1265Are you tired of the weather updates from Northern Minnesota yet? Because we’re not!

Last weekend during our Spring administrative meeting in Minneapolis, I was biking around the lakes, wearing short sleeves and sunglasses. I even busted out a pair of shorts! Reports suggest weather in the North Woods wasn’t much different—sunny, warm, delightful. We spent the weekend centralized for once—me, Steve, Julie, Charlie, MJ, and Taylor, catching up on the year and anticipating what the upcoming summer will look like. All the while basking in the warmth of a Minnesota spring. But then Wednesday came, and so did the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. The shedding of layers and storage of snow gear in the days and weeks preceding was suddenly all for naught.
But sure enough, the sun is shining again today, and fresh blades of grass are pushing their way through the thin white blanket of snow across campus. Water is even running in the dining hall—a true sign that summer is around the corner. The work and the itch to be outside hasn’t escaped us, even with the hiccup in the weather.

Next week, many camp beds will be filled, as we host our annual school group from the Southwest part of the state. They’ll roll in on school buses for a spaghetti dinner, as is the traditional first meal for anyone arriving at Camp Mishawaka, spend some time running around Main Campus, maybe take in a movie in the lodge. The next morning the’ll all slump into the dining hall, blurry-eyed, some still decked in their PJs for early morning pancakes before they hit the road and head back to school. It’ll be a familiar sight, and one we’ve missed over the past year.
Just like this late April cold snap, the visit from these students will happen in the blink of an eye, and forward we will fare, getting camp ready for its more permanent residents. About a month from today, staff will start to trickle in to help get camp into shape. And then, in about 50 days, the campers will be here too!


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