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“Well, I’m a-goin’ out west where I belong…”

I’ll never be able to explain why I know this song so well, as someone born in 1989, but it’s in there, buried deep in my memory, and has been since childhood. Admittedly, it’s not entirely appropriate this week as we gear up for our annual trip to Tucson, and I’ve been changing California to Arizona as it’s been on repeat in my head. Mary-Jane, our Girls Camp Director, once told me the cure for an ear worm is to sing “Do You Know the Way To San Jose?” but as much as I love Dionne Warwick, I’m not fully ready to make the switch. The Southwest is calling, and this CaliforniaArizona Beach Jam is bringing me there.

I’m having a sort of two-sided argument with time, in that it sometimes feels to be moving very slowly, and other times seems to be flying by. Two weeks ago we were in Chicagoland, catching up with Mishawakans in the area and I sit here today, fighting with myself: “Two weeks?? Not a month? Not a day? Where am I?” It’s a fight we all have with ourselves in relationship to camp, I think: Camp is only 5 months away!/Camp is FIVE MONTHS away?!? Time, it seems, is forever having it’s own Tortoise and The Hare dilemma.

DSC_4382I look forward to our Tucson trip every January. It’s been a gray, rainy, slushy week in Minneapolis, and the Arizona sun feels like it’s exactly what I need. That, in combination with our Mishawaka reunion on Sunday, when we get to see faces of campers past, present, and future. These trips, these reunions, these opportunities to reunite with those we become so tightly bonded to in the summer, really are what get us through the winter, I think. It gives us the chance to replenish the Mishawaka sunshine in our hearts, and carry it home, ready to survive the rest of winter.

While I’m looking forward to indulging in some authentic Mexican and listening to cowboy songs and (hopefully) soaking in some rays, there’s no question that the most satisfying part of this trip will be seeing all of you. I’ll have the Mishawaka canoe paddle with me, too, and look forward to collecting more of your autographs!

Check the Road Show page for details, and we’ll see you Sunday at 5 pm!

Greta Kovach, Associate Director


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