On the road again…

//On the road again…

On the road again…

Hello from Tulsa!

One of the great things about Mishawaka is the people you meet from around the US and the world. I’m on my way to Camp for the summer and my friend, former Mishawaka camper, counselor, and Mishawaka Foundation Board member, Kevin McNamara, has opened his doors to me for a night. Tomorrow I stay in one of my favorite cities – Kansas City, Missouri – with another Mishawaka friend. When I was a counselor, I often drove from Arizona through the Midwest to Mishawaka. Staying with Camp friends in Santa Fe, Denver, Tulsa, Omaha, Kansas City, Lawrence, Davenport, Chicago, and Minneapolis, I really got to know the Midwest. And even though it had been several years since I had seen many of my Camp friends, it was just old times at Mishawaka.

It’s already been 100 degrees in Tucson so I’ve been thinking about getting to Camp for a while now. I look forward to seeing my friends on my road trip, meeting the new Boys Camp staff, and working during staff training to best prepare the counselors for when the first campers get off the bus. But what I look forward to most this summer is being back at Mishawaka with the campers, old and new.

Mishawaka forms a special bond between friends. There are several times during the day when you can see and hear these bonds forming – in large groups games, between two cabin mates, or just hanging out near the dining hall before each meal. It’s been almost a year since the campers have seen each other. Some best friends haven’t talked to each other since last summer. Every time I get closer to Mishawaka, the excitement grows to be back Camp and pick up where we left off last summer. I look forward to seeing all you campers, and your old and new Camp friends.

Charlie Paige, Boys Camp Director


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